Policing the Sprawl

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Almost 200,000 people lived in Reno last year, according to the US census.
The double diamond area, off Damonte Ranch Parkway, is proving to be one of the fastest growing areas in the city.
Growth that has a neighborhood advisory board for the south says they need a police substation to keep up with the population.
Kevin Weiske, representing the neighborhood board for ward two in South Reno, asked the council to remember them when it comes to the budget.
"We've needed it for quite a while and as our police department has reported to us, it can take them 25 to 30 minutes driving time... if they're not using lights and sirens for an emergency."
Residents and the police department have continued to ask the city to fund additional officers for substations.
But, the initial budget proposal by city manager, Charles McNeely, does not plan for an increase.
Out of the proposed total budget of 449.6 million dollars, the police department is allocated 53.1 million dollars... almost a 4-percent increase from this year.... but not enough to hire more officers.
But one lawmaker says we may not need to expand the police force.
Councilwoman Sharon Zadra, who represents South Reno, says there are several options for a substation, even if the city does not approve the money for additional officers.
"Even if we have the number of officers that we have today, we'll redistribute them, so they're not working out of the downtown operations."
Weiske says his neighborhood board say well-planned growth should also maintain a low crime rate with community involvement.
"You don't need to respond after a problem has occurred. You can nip it in the bud and keep the crime level low."
He and others will have more opportunities to approach the council because today is just the first proposal and workshop the council members had to discuss the upcoming budget.