New Quarter Vote

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To a captive audience of school children and media, state Treasurer, Brian Krolicki unveiled the options for the 36th state's quarters. The first is called Morning in Nevada and depicts wild horses and sagebrush, the state's flower.
The second, Nevada's Early Heritage has a collage of native american artifacts.
A miner, ready to work, takes center stage on The Silver State option.
Nevada Wilderness has--what else?--but a longhorn sheep. And the fifth option, Battle Born Nevada, is designed after the state's flag.
Now the state needs your two cents...there are four ways to cast your vote: Log on to and follow the links to the quarters.You will be required to provide address information, to verify that you're a Nevadan. You can also mail a form to the Treasurer's office...the postmark must be from the Silver State. Third, stop by Carson City's Old Mint and vote in person. Or, wait until a rural tour pays a visit to your county courthouse.
Like in any regular election election, you get an "I voted" sticker after you vote. Krolicki wouldn't reveal who he voted for, but already, it's looking like a tight race.