Sparks Soldier To Come Home For Burial

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Sparks soldier 31-year old Army Sergeant Eric Wayne Morris died in an attack last Thursday.
He once attended high school in Sparks, and listed that city as his hometown.
Eric Morris attended high school here at Reed back in 1992 and 1993. Later this week he'll be returned home for burial It was after high school that he first enlisted in the the Army... And after the September 11th attacks that he Re-Enlisted.
At the age of 31... Sgt. Eric Morris made the ultimate sacrifice for a country he loved. The victim of a roadside bomb... Morris and three other soldiers were killed this past Thursday in Iraq.
Already a veteran of this bloody war... He deployed on a second tour of duty this past September.(nats)
Today at Fort Lewis in Washington State... Morris and one of the soldiers who died with him were remembered in solemn memorial service. Both men are part of the 25th Infantry Division... Also known as the Stryker Brigade combat team. Named for the Stryker armored personnel carrier that Morris and the others were patrolling in when they were killed.
But recently the Stryker has come under fire... After an internal Army report detailed dozens of deficiencies with the vehicle. This video is part of an army PR campaign to defend the Stryker.
And a family friend of Eric Morris says he too talked of his confidence in the vehicle. Army critics say the Stryker PR campaign is evidence itself of a problem.
PR videos will be of no condolence to the Family and Friends who loved Eric Morris. Or to any of the others who've lost a loved one in combat in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn praised Morris saying... "Nevadans owe him a debt of gratitude. Eric Morris risked his own life so that others would have the
opportunity to experience the liberties that all Americans enjoy. Sadly this act of bravery cost him his life"