Weighty Issue

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For the last five years, Anya has been serving cocktails to the casino clientele at John Ascuaga's Nugget. On a good day, she can bring home a couple hundred bucks in tips...money that she says is not earned on good looks and a trim figure alone.
One of the servers we talked with says it's her smiles and good customer service, that bring her the big tips.
Nugget's Associate Beverage Manager, Joey Cantania, says while there are no weight stipulations for their 50 cocktail waitresses, someone's physical appearance is taken into consideration during the hiring process. For example, their hair has to be clean and neatly kept, jewelery shouldn't be too flashy and body piercings at a minimum.
As far as weight goes, as long as you can fit into a uniform, you can be hired. While Nugget management would never encourage an employee to lose weight, they do offer prizes and recognition for those who try to stay healthy.
But that's not the situation in Atlantic City, where under a new employment policy, the Borgata "babes" could be fired if they gain more than seven percent of their body weight. Two waitresses have since filed civil complaints against the casino, accusing them of unlawful employment discrimination. But the casino continues to stand by their policy. The real bottom line is not about waistlines...but whether or not a cocktail waitress's weight will tip customers toward another casino.