Rising Gang Violence

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Gang Unit officers say that last summer, they tracked the crime of about two to three gangs around town. This year, they've already seen activity from about *seven different local gangs. That jump has them concerned about what's ahead this summer.
A total of 21 law enforcement officers are dedicated to suppressing rising gang activity in Washoe County. Whether on foot or behind the wheel, they're looking for familiar faces.....license plates....and vehicles. They target areas where gangsters live, work, or just hang out. And they say the areas they go are no longer confined to certain neighborhoods....but all over the city.
"Our gang activity isn't astronomical, but sometimes it gets to that critical mass for a city of our size," says Sgt. Walt Frazier with the Regional Gang Unit.
This year they're starting earlier to get a jump on what could be a busy season. The gang unit is working longer hours and conducting special operations because they've already seen more activity than what is typical for this time of year, from up to seven different local gangs.
"The gang unit's gonna be out trying to find what that pattern is, and see if we can break that before we get into summer months when the activity gets to its higest peak," says Frazier.