Happy Ending To Missing Toddler Case

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Search teams were called off and a missing little girl was back home.
Sunday afternoon seven-year old Andreana Alvarado disappeared from her family's front yard.
After several stressful hours for her family and neighbors, the little girl was found sleeping just a few feet from where everyone was searching.
For Andreana's mother, this was the perfect ending to a harrowing afternoon.
Earlier in the day Andreana and her 13-year old sister Serena were playing in front of the family's apartment.
Serena went inside and when she came back, Andreana was gone.
Andreana's sister told police, "I went inside to get a jacket because it was cold outside and when I came back, she was gone. So, I went to my neighbors and I went to my uncle and we were calling out her name for about 2 hours."
A search team was immediately formed with neighbors, friends and the Carson City Sheriff's Office.
Teams searched every apartment in the complex and scoured the local neighborhood and near-by parks.
But, Adriana was nowhere to be found.
Her sister says her dad was so nervous, he and a friend hopped in the family's van to join other search groups and they found her."
Adriana, still sleepy and somewhat confused by the whole ordeal, clung tightly to her mom surrounded by her little friends and several family members.
Other parents stood back, but kept watch on their children... remembering the fear they felt just a few minutes earlier.