Charges Dismissed

University of Nevada, Reno
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School officials confirmed today that U-N-R President John Lilley sent professor Hussein S- Hussein a letter on Friday informing him that he was accepting the recommendations of a hearing officer and three-member university panel that the charges be dropped.
Lilley appointed an administrative officer in November to investigate allegations that Hussein had violated research protocols by hiring an outside veterinarian to examine research pigs Hussein feared were being mistreated.
After a seven-hour evidentiary hearing on April 19th, the panel and former Carson City district Judge Michael Fondi found the charges groundless and recommended Lilley dismiss them.
Lilley said in the April 29 letter to Hussein -- which school officials released today -- that he was accepting the recommendation even though he still believes Hussein acted inappropriately.
Hussein says he is unhappy with the letter. He says that instead
of following the recommendation for a simple dismissal, Lilley effectively wrote him a letter of warning.