Driving Blind

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Just two weeks ago, a 3-year old boy was killed when he was hit by a teenaged driver, backing up from a parking spot at the Parkside Apartment complex in Sparks.
It was because the toddler was in the driver's blind spot.
You'll remember from a previous news channel eight investigation, this dramatic example of how difficult it is for a driver to see a small child behind a vehicle, in this case an S-U-V.
Or look at this, from our sister station in Boston.
The mirror looks clear, but the blind spot is so big, it hid 17 children.
A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control shows that driveways and parking lots are responsible for the high number of children injured in back-over accidents.
But, Joe Young with Car and Home Audio Systems, says there are solutions for drivers looking for ways to avoid a blind spot.
"Get in, turn the ignition on, so we have a DVD player here that's starting. As soon as we engage it in reverse, the back-up camera with automatically initiate... showing the picture, on top of the screen, allowing the driver to know there's something behind them."
Young says devices like this can range anywhere from 700-to-29-hundred depending on whether you want just the camera and screen or a DVD player as well.
He says you can see anything behind your car up to about 20-feet away.
Saul Ramirez says he has four important reasons for the rear-mounted camera.
"I got it because I have three kids of my own and a little dog that likes to run out every time I get in my car. So, I like to know if there's anything behind there or anybody."
Experts say the high end safety devices like the camera are more effective and come installed in many new SUV's.
Audible back-up sensors are a cheaper option, costing from 130-to-500 dollars.
And most car appliance stores have easy to install safety kits that makes a beeping noise when the car is in reverse, which run about 10-to-20-dollars.
Consumer Reports says it's important to talk to your children about a driver's blind spot, suggesting you put them behind the wheel and try to spot you in the mirror, if you're crouching behind a car.
Time and money well spent, if you can save a child's life.