Rising Bus Fares

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Some bus passengers say they saw this coming because of rising gas prices. Others worry that upping the price will only hurt people who rely on public transportation.
"It just makes it harder for people to get around especially if they don't have a vehicle," says LaShondra Daniels, a frequent bus rider.
RTC says prices could go up an average of five to ten percent. That means cash fares, for example, will go up from $1.50 to $1.65.
"it will vary," say Roger Hanson with RTA. "Some fares will go as high as a ten percent increase, other will will not change at all."
Along with possible fare increases, RTC will consider restructuring some bus routes in an effort to make the ride more convenient and comfortable for passengers.
"Are they on a bus that's really overcrowded at 8pm? Maybe we can run an extra bus to lessen those loads," Hanson adds.
That's why RTC wants passengers to speak up, so they can determine what types of services changes need to be made. You can call 348-RIDE to voice your opinion.