Harolds Mural To Live Again

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It was a downtown landmark for a half century, now it appears the Harolds Club mural has found a new home.
The mural has been in storage for years, but it's being restored and will soon be on display again.
In our rush to build the future, we're often quick to throw away the past. Landmarks? At times it seems we're more inclined to borrow others, than build our own. Ersatz, over-the-top history is everywhere you look in Las Vegas. There was a simpler time.
Pearce: A half century ago, Reno was a much different place, but it had its landmarks. There was the Mapes, the Riverside, and, of course, the original arch and right here.....the Harolds Club mural.
We've said goodbye to most of that Reno. The Mapes came crashing down. But half the Riverside endures as an arts center. The original arch was saved and now sits just 4 blocks away from its original site. Once the downtown's anchor, Harolds Club fell victim to changing times. The building torn down to make way for Harrah's Plaza. The club's famous gun collection long gone.The Harolds Club or Bust covered wagon sits in a corner of the back lot at Yesco Signs. It's future undetermined. But, inside, the mural....once the downtown's centerpiece... is being put back together. The mural was always more than an advertisement. It was an attraction, believed to be the largest piece of Western art anywhere.....pioneers resting on their journey, curious Indians peering from cover. An animated waterfall. The title above read..."Dedicated in all Humility to Those who Blazed the trail." Restoring it is a special job for some of the workers here.
[CG :Locator (Double Line)\Danny Hunsaker\Young Electric Sign Company]
A lot of people feel that way. The project is being funded by local donations....more than $200 thousand in all.
There's a lot to work with. Stored for years it's in surprisingly good condition. It's porcelinized steel panels still bright with color and in a couple of months, it will again see the light of day.
And this is the new home of the Harolds Club mural....the south wall of the Livestock Events Center. An appropriate home. If all goes well the mural will be up, lit and ready in mid-June, just in time for the Reno Rodeo..... A piece of old Reno with a new role.......