Booming Business

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An industrial development of this size and ambition is simply the latest step for Northern Nevada in its pro-business, pro-growth years.

Some major companies--like WalMart--have already signed leases and have begun construction on their new sites--some as large as one million square feet.

A conservative estimate for the rest of the park to reach capacity is a couple decades. However, developer Lance Gilman expects to fill it in half that time.

"South Meadows was slated for 25 years. We did it in ten. Some people say this will take 25 years. I think we'll do it in ten."

In part, fueling his confidence is Reno's recent ranking in Inc. Magazine as the number one place to do business in the country. Experts say a centrally located airport, the state's business-friendly attitude and a pleasant community to live have all contributed to the area's growth and popularity.

"A lot of the companies here are going to expand which gives opportunity to those that are already here. I think now more people are going to discover the area. I think it's going to define what we plan and do," says Chuck Alvey, the President of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada.

He believes the new Industrial Center will only be an asset to our community.

"The potential for the world's largest industrial complex is to a diversity of companies, to help us diversify the economy, which is what we're all about. And create a balanced and vital economy that really helps us stay really strong."