Montana Mania Hits Reno

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The Oscars aren't for a couple more weeks, but as far as a handful of teenagers are concerned, the best movie of the year opened tonight.

Hannah Montana's new movie "The Best of Both Worlds Concert 3D Film probably won't win Best Picture this year, t you'd be hard pressed to find a more expensive ticket.

On Friday night, hundreds of fans shelled out 15 bucks a pop see the teen bopper make her debut on the silver screen.

The long-awaited 3D film is playing at only 683 locations across the country, including Reno's Century Theater on Plumb Lane

The film is only available in theaters for a week, which is making every little fan anxious to see their favorite star.

'Montana fans gobbled up tickets to just about every one of Friday's seven shows, days in advance.

Some tickets are even up for sale on ebay.

So far, $18 million in ticket sales have already been pre-sold and enthusiastic crowds are expected to lift that figure even higher.

"We watch it on tv all the time and it's funny," says Andrew West, a young Montana fan.

"It's definitely worth it," says Chelsey Schnauer.

But not everyone agrees that $15 million is a reasonable price to pay for a 74-minute film.

Adriana Mendoza was all set to get two tickets to tonight's show...then she heard the price.

"I'm not paying $30 to see the movie," says Adriana Mendoza. "We're just going to have to wait until it comes out on video i guess."