O.J. Seeking Dismissal Of Six Charges In Vegas Armed Robbery Case

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O.J. Simpson has joined his two co-defendants in challenging the charges in their kidnapping and armed robbery case.

Simpson's asking a Nevada judge to throw out six of the 12 charges against him before trial.

His lawyers claim prosecutors didn't meet minimum evidentiary standards and a Las Vegas judge shouldn't have bound the case over for trial in state court.

Simpson lawyer Gabriel Grasso says Simpson can't be prosecuted for robbery because he was only taking back items that he believed were his.

Simpson is accused of leading five other men in the gunpoint robbery of two memorabilia dealers who were peddling collectibles associated with Simpson.

Among the items was the suit Simpson wore the day he was acquitted in the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman.

Three co-defendants have turned state's evidence.

The remaining two -- Clarence Stewart and Charles Ehrlich -- are also challenging the charges in the case.