Local Edwards Reaction

"It is time for me to step aside so that history can blaze its path,"

His announcement came from New Orleans the same place he began his campaign 13-months ago. But with a less than stellar outcome in South Carolina last Saturday, his home state, and money becoming a major issue, John Edwards is suspending his campaign.

Debbie Smith is a Edwards Nevada Delegate:

" I'm very disappointed. I was actually surprised how committed I became to the campaign. How passionate I became as an Edwards supporter. So I did wake up this morning feeling disappointed,".

Edwards was the first to call for universal health care, and for congress to pull out of Iraq. A dominate force in trying to pull power from Washington lobbyists. But his pet projects soon became those of others.

Fred Lokken is a TMCC Political Science Professor:

"The other two campaigns picked up those themes as well and seemed to get that message across more effectively."

Edwards leaves the campaign trail with 26-delegates. Ten of which are split between Obama and Clinton. Here in Nevada a Democratic county and nevada convention awaits. As a delegate for Edwards here in Washoe County, Smith says she's not sure what she'll do next.

"I've already had some calls this morning and I just want to process this. I want to get over my disappointment. I don't think we were greatly surprised because of his showing in Nevada and South Carolina .But it was still disappointed. I'll give it a little bit of time and see what happens in the other campaigns."