Grocery Shopping

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Scolari's Food and Drug Company on Lakeside Court is the third grocery store to close in in the last six months within about a three-mile area of South Reno.
Customers say local stores are the first choice when it comes to shopping, but the options are only increasing.
Ricardo Acevedo came for one last trip to the store with his two young daughters.
He lives just across the street.
Kenny Moore also lives close, he says it became his favorite store.
"It's a nice convenience on my way home a lot of times. So, I started shopping here."
The IGA on Wells Avenue along with Smith's Food and Drug on Moana and South Virginia Street both closed within the last six months.
There are more shopping options than ever before, but Aubree Allison says she could point the blame for local grocery stores closing.
"I think Wal-Mart and Target have a lot to do with it also because they are a bigger name and people are like, Oh we can get our clothes and shopping all at the same time."
But, these customers all agree... they too shop at the superstores that can offer more, for less.
Acevedo says with two daughters to dress and feed, he says Wal-Mart offers a great deal.
"They're better prices."
These customers say location is appealing when they choose a grocery store, but they admit convenience and affordable prices are appealing.