Saving Space

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The Silver Saddle Ranch deal between the Carson City officials and the federal bureau of land management is a success story to be emulated.
Buying open land isn't cheap.
Juan Guzman, the open space manager for the city, says it's worth bragging when a 1.5 million dollar profit can be made while maintaining the open space.
Declaring open space can be somewhat tricky.
It has also led to harsh debate between land owners and government officials seeing a need to preserve open space.
The value of land can be measured differently depending on who you ask.
But, what is the best way to acquire open space?
In Carson City, eminent domain doesn't have to be the only choice.
"If you don't want to sell, we cannot buy. We take great extent in care in how we provide you a realistic figure and how we are going to proceed with this sale."
Guzman says sprawl is obvious as the houses start to creep higher into the hills.
Areas like Silver Saddle with property value increasing add the incentive to buy now, sell later.
"We have been saving for a long time. We produce our master plan before we spend a drop of money. So, our scarce resources go where it's needed the most."
Guzman says the open space off Lake View Road provides a way for melting snow to fill an aquifer, providing a resource for residents that's not often recognized, but necessary.