Retirement Lost

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Some of the more well-known local doctors, lawyers, and judges...may have lost their retirement funds, amid allegations of mismanagement by their accountant.
News Channel Eight has obtained court documents related to the case.
The accountant is Russell Charlebois.
He worked out of this office building on 34-hundred Kauai Court.
His companies, Investors Joint Venture and Eton Associates, filed for bankruptcy March 2nd.
Listed on the bankruptcy case for Eton Associates...are more than 140 creditors.
Four of whom, filed a civil lawsuit against Charlebois, the day he filed for bankruptcy.
The suit alleges...Charlebois mismanaged the office profit sharing and pension funds, as well as some of the doctors' personal investment accounts.
In the complaint, Doctor Leonard Shapiro says Charlebois sent him false statements each year.
Shapiro testified that Charlebois told him he had an account with approximately two million dollars, which was taken from investor accounts, and put in his own name.|
Repeated phone calls to Charlebois' attorney on Neil Road were not returned.
But, court documents show Eton Associates personal property assets worth 19-million-850-thousand dollars.
And, Investors Joint Venture's personal property assets worth 16-million-500-thousand dollars.
Bankruptcy trustees say Charlebois has been hospitalized since mid-January, and remains hospitalized.
They say it's been hard to get ALL the necessary information to see what Charlebois' is worth.