150 Earthquakes Near Peavine in Recent Days

Swarm of earthquakes beneath Sun Valley.

You can see Peavine Mountain from all over the valley.

UNR's Seismology Lab has made it one of 10 stations in the area to measure earthquake activity.

Since last Wednesday, the Peavine station as well as other monitoring sites have calibrated a total of 150 quakes mostly on the California side of this mountain.

North Valleys resident Saunya Bolton who's lived here for more than four years says its all news to her.

“The dogs and horses would let us know first. I try not to worry about things I can't control,” says Bolton

The seismology lab at UNR says they haven't received any reports of movement from area residents, but that doesn't surprise them.

A look at the charts and graphs.

The quakes are fairly shallow and not very strong, but there's been a good number of them, which leads to the question, does this mean a big one is not far behind?

“Well we know there are big earth quakes here over geological time. They have happened in the past and its hopefully they will not be associated with this earth quake sequence. But Northern Nevada is no stranger to big events faults that can generate strong ground shaking. People should be aware of that,” says Ken Smith with the Seismology Lab.

The Seismology Lab has a lot of information on how to prepare for earthquakes.

Their website also has graphs of the recent series of quakes near Peavine Mountain, also you can report if you've felt any quake activity.

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