15 Large Wildfires Burning Throughout Nevada

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RENO, Nev. -- A number of wildfires are burning throughout Nevada, many started by lightning according to fire coordination officials. About 252,000 acres within Nevada have already burned.

According to the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, of the 15 large fires currently burning, the Holloway fire is the largest. On the Oregon border, it alone has burned 260,000 total acres in Nevada and Oregon.

Fires forced evacuations in Mountain City, Paradise Valley and McDermitt in the past two days. In addition destroying and threatening residents' properties, the state is losing large amounts of wildlife habitat including sagebrush ecosystems.

Because our region already has large, uncontained fires, fire agencies are less able to respond to new fire starts. And the expected thunderstorms rolling into the area will be drier than they have been and likely will not drop any significant rain.

In a statement Saturday, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval said that he is "working closely with our lead agencies to make certain all of our available resources have been deployed." He goes on to ask that everyone in the area, residents and tourists, help the effort by remaining "as vigilant as possible to ensure they do not inadvertently contribute to the problem through activities that could ignite a fire.”