School Emergency Drill

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The assistant principal of Sparks High School took a break from his normal job today to play the role of an armed intruder. Shots were fired, police moved in..... all of this done to prepare for the real thing.
"I can't discuss the tactics, but we do have several plans in place on how we're going to respond in the event of an emergency," said officer Matt Marquez with the Sparks Police Department.
"The number one component is communication," said Chris Smith, assistant principal of Sparks High School. "We always have open lines of communication between staff and police on campus."
The school's critical incident plan was put to the test today thanks to the help of a private company that specializes in emergency response. Founded by two former Navy Seals, Tactical Security Network put on the exercise free of charge.
"Each time you exercise your response procedures, they become more and more refined and establish more confidence in everybody in the event of an actual situation," said Tim Tofaute, founder of Tactical Security Network.