Highway Death Rate

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Nevada's highway traffic death toll was up sharply last year...even though the national fatality figures were at the lowest point since records were first kept nearly 40 years ago.
In Northern Nevada, 61 people died on our state highways last year.
That's up 11 deaths from two years ago.
But, unlike the rest of the nation, our state saw a 10-percent increase in the fatality crash rate.
More than half the people in the United States, killed on the roads, weren't wearing seat belts.
Even though the percentage was the same in 2003...Northern Nevada Command troopers say...they're "NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCUSES" seat belt campaign made a difference.
They ticketed 82 people during the the two-week period last May.
More people wearing seat belts meant less serious crashes.
Awareness about alcohol abuse also led to a two-percent slide...in the number of alcohol-related fatalities last year.
NHP says state lawmakers decision to lower the blood alcohol content from point-one-oh, to point-oh-eight has drivers paying attention.