Managed Marijuana

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When the Reno Police Street Enforcement Team showed up at 46-year old James Bates' home, they say he invited them in, where they say they found 96 plants in a greenhouse and 15 pounds of the drug in a bucket.
Sgt. David Evans with the Reno Police Department says Bates told them it was ok, he had a medical marijuana card issued by the state's department of agriculture.
"He gave us a medical marijuana card that was a nephew's of his. He certainly wasn't in the program or a caregiver."
About 250 people in the Reno area have medical marijuana cards according to the Department of Agriculture.
But, the card has specific limits within the law.
Jennifer Bartlett with the Department of Agriculture says possessing 96 plants and about 15 pounds of marijuana does not meet the cut.
"This allows them to posses up to seven plants. Three are mature, which are flowering plants, and four are immature... and an ounce of usable marijuana."
After the 50-dollar application fee, Bartlett says a person must have a licensed doctor approve their condition for the medical marijuana program.
"They have to pass a criminal background check and what we're looking for is to make sure they've never been convicted of selling a controlled substance."
Sgt. Evans says the law is strict.
"People who do have the card, it's very regulated, in what they can possess. They're not allowed to sell it. They're not allowed to have a farm."
Sgt. Evans says they get about 40-to-50 complaints a week about suspected drug use or sales.
Most are quickly resolved like this one... some are resolved because the person has a valid medical card allowing them to have the marijuana.