No Sanctions Warranted

University of Nevada, Reno
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The hearing officer recommended -- and a three-member review
panel agreed today -- that U-N-R President John Lilley dismiss all
three charges against professor Hussein S- Hussein.
The four-page recommendation written by Michael Fondi, a retired district court judge from Carson City, says there was no proof that Hussein violated any school rules or regulations and no sanctions are warranted.
Lilley, who has been hospitalized since Saturday, has until May
first to accept or reject the recommendation. Lilley appointed an administrative officer in November to investigate allegations Hussein had violated research protocols by hiring an outside veterinarian to examine research pigs Hussein feared were being mistreated.
Hussein maintained it was an attempt by U-N-R administrators to
force him from his job as a result of his complaints to the U-S
Agriculture Department last summer about alleged abuse of research