UNR Disciplinary Hearing Under Way

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A University Professor who has long been at odds with the school's administration is fighting for his job today.
Doctor Hussein Hussein has accused the University of neglecting and abusing animals at its experimental farm.
Today, he is facing a disciplinary hearing that could end in his firing.
Personnel hearings such as these are not usually open to the public.
But, today it was at the insistance of Doctor Hussein.
There are a number of issues between Doctor Hussein and the university.
Todays hearing centered on just one.
Last spring two of his graduate students were surprised to discover several pigs housed in an area used by Hussein at the University's farm in East Reno.
The pigs were also apparently surprised.
One broke out of his cage, chased the students aggessively, foaming at the mouth.
To Hussein and his students the pigs appeared to be unhealthy, and there was concern about the possibility of rabies.
He called in a veternarian who drew blood and took skin samples.
Tests cleared the pigs of rabies and other serious diseases.
But students said they often went without water over the next few months.
It turns out the pigs were part of medical experiment and had been housed in doctor Hussein's area without his knowledge.
Witnesses called by the University claimed the pigs were helping and said the foaming at the mouth and skin conditions were normal.
Doctor Hussein is charged with unauthorized taking of University property.
The blood and the skin samples.
They weren't his animals or his experiments.
This may sound like an academic turf war, but it can have serious consequences.
Something Hussein awknowleged in an opening statement.