Local Pope Reaction

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Today's noon mass, started with a joyous welcoming of the new Papa.
Catholics understand he has a great responsibility...leading a faith that's losing members in America.
Parishioners say Joseph Ratzinger's conservatism will only bring the church closer together. They stand by his traditional views, and say...that's what Jesus Christ intended.
Ratzinger has already spoken out against abortion and contraception.
He believes there's no place for women in the clergy. Despite these positions, his message rings true with women. "There's a role for men and women. God made us all gender full. I love my femininity and the clergy is not a place for women." "We have natural family planning. And it's as efficient as artificial means. It brings families just as close together."
Catholics also didn't object to Ratzinger's history. Growing up in Germany during World War two, Ratzinger says he was an unwilling participant in the Nazi movement as a child, and deserted it as soon as possible. Locals say if you concentrate on the past, you can't go forward with the future. And, they want to get to know this new pope...before making any judgments.