New Pope

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An emotional and joyous day for many, catholics and non catholics alike.It was confusing at first. no one knew if the smoke was white or black
On the second day of deliberations it was white smoke that billowed from the chimney as the bells rang announcing to the world a pope has been elected. Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists, young and old - from all over the world a sea of people. They all rushed to St. Peter's Square to witness this moment.
"habemus papam" the latin words for 'we have a new pope.'
The German cardinal Joseph Ratzinger will be known now as pope Benedict the 16th. The first german pope since the 11th century
Cardinal Ratzinger turned 78 on Saturday. His age clearly was a factor
among cardinals who favored a "transitional" pope who could lead on monday, Ratzinger once the powerful dean of the college of cardinals was considered pope John Paul's closest advisor.
Wearing his papal robe, John Paul the second's successor gave his first "urbi et orbi" blessing to the crowd and the world. He payed homage to his predecessor. "After john paul the second, the cardinals have elected me a simple and humble worker in the lord's vineyard."
The new pope will be installed in a ceremonial mass on Sunday in St.
Peter's Square. Cardinals, bishops and international vip's will all be there.