Medical Marijuana Vending Machines Take Root In Los Angeles

The city that popularized the fast food drive-through has a new invention: 24-hour medical marijuana vending machines.

The Los Angeles Herbal Nutrition Center installed pot machines to give medical marijuana patients a dose of convenience with their grass.

There are now three so-called P-V-M's in the city with security guards nearby.

Center owner Vincent Mehdisadeh says the 24-hour-a-day vending
machines offer convenience, low prices, safety and anonymity.

But federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents say the pot vending machine may need unplugging.

DEA Special Agent Jose Martinez says - quoting now - "Once we find out where it's at, we'll look into it and see if they're violating laws."

The computerized pot vending machine requires fingerprint identification and a prepaid card with a magnetic stripe.

Once the card and fingerprint are verified, a bright green envelope with the pot drops down a slot.

Mehdizadeh says any user approved for medical marijuana and registered in a computer database at his dispensaries can pre-purchase the drug and then use the machine to pick up.