Cold Medicine Crackdown

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Methamphetamine has become the drug of choice in Northern Nevada. In recent years, drug enforcement agents have seen trafficking and production sky rocket. Although the number of labs are down in Reno and Sparks, seizures are up. Federal and state lawmakers have been pushing for tougher measures to fight meth.
And at least one giant retailer, Target, has voluntarily joined the fight.
The store is taking cold medicines containing pseudophedrine off the shelves, and putting them behind the pharmacy counter.
Target already limits purchases of pseudophedrine-containing drugs to two packages at a time. Customers say this latest move, although inconvenient, combats a bigger problem.
Target says it's the first national retailer to take this step.
The new policy will go into effect in two to three ALL 13-hundred stores in 47 states. Those stores that don't have pharmacies won't sell cold medicines containing pseudophedrine.