Protect Your Child

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Marc Klaas formed the KlaasKids Foundation shortly after his daughter's disappearance.
Though her story ended tragically, Klaas has dedicated much of his life to help others share his grief.
The mission: stop crimes against children.
"We digitally photograph them, we take digital thumbprints of them. We then give their parents a biographical document that has an array of child safety information on it."
But, Klaas says he would rather these documents never be used.
Instead, he encourages parents to start talking to their kids about safety at a very young age.
"It gives parents the opportunity to engage their kids in a safety dialogue in a very positive kind of atmosphere."
7-year old Amanda Alexander didn't exactly understand why she need a thumb-print or photo.
But, this little girl says she knows what to do when strangers approach her.
"If a stranger says he locked his dog in the car, don't say let me help you. You just run."
These parents know too well about the dangers lurking outside the front door.
Cari Rovig is the mother of young twin daughters.
She says even though they are so young, she knew she had to come to the child-id event.
"We've seen so many horror stories on the news. It's just important to keep that information up-to-date on your kids."
Joe Bamus, the owner of Systems of Nevada, decided to sponsor KlaasKids at his store because he realizes it's importance in the community.
"It does hit home. It doesn't matter if it happened somewhere else in the world, you just hate to hear it and you just want to help."
Even though Bamus says his children are grown, he is still a dad and a grandfather... and he says that hits close to home everyday for everyone.