Watch Out White Out

As Trooper Scott Simon drives us through the shut down highway he describes 395 south through Washoe Valley this way.

" What happens is the wind blows over the highway causes it to freeze and then we have ice on the road. So between the wind, the white out conditions and the ice on the road, you can't drive."

Washoe Valley is known for its wind. While its not unusual to have controls placed on the roadway because of it, it is uncommon to have the roadway shut down completely. But that's what happened this morning for two reasons.

Trooper Chava Rothschild was pulled over and investigating a rollover accident on 395 when a truck carrying a trailer ran into her vehicle while she was in it. She sustained moderate injuries to her chest.

As investigators tried to clear the accident, as if to add insult to injury, the blowing wind and snow forced the N-H-P to re-route traffic on Franktowne road.

Take a look at the alternative and driver's shouldn't be too upset with the mandated change in travel plans.
The pictures look as if they were taken at the North Poll or the movie "FARGO" not so,

Right here in Washoe Valley