Tax Day

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Last minute filers didn't just flood the post office...local tax preparers, like H & R Block, have been keeping long hours this week.
H & R Block has an easy pay program...which tax preparers said helped out a lot.
Instead of last minute filers paying the government on the 15th, they had until the 15th of July.
It's a small cost for the program...but tax filers said it was well worth it.
This year, 98-99 percent of H & R Block's clients...electronically filed their returns.
They say there was less paper work, and all they had to do was sign a form and they were done.
The tax preparer did the rest of the work.
Many people also took advantage of the sales tax credit.
They could deduct the tax, if they bought a car last year, but had to itemize their deductions.
Those who chose that option...couldn't take a standardized deduction.
Tax preparers say filing went smoothly, overall, but it was hectic today.
H & R Block will also stay open until midnight tonight.
So, there is some time if you need professional help with your tax return.