Deadline Day For Assembly Bills

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The Nevada Legislature is a busy place today.
Lawmakers are facing a deadline tonight, and a lot of bills won't survive.
Bills have to be out of committee by tonight, out of committee in the house in which they were introduced.
Otherwise they die.
Bills representing issues important and frivolous are dying by the dozens all over the legislative building today.
They die both by action and inaction.
Some voted down in committee some dying quietly on the chairman's desk.
It's a scramble for survival and sort of a preview of the session's final frantic hours, still nearly two months of
And, like the closing hours of a session it's a time that requires a lawmaker or lobbyists' full attention.
Strange things can happen when the pace picks up.
Lobbyists say they still have bills in play and that's why they are keeping an eye on the assembly committees.
In truth bills have been known to rise from the dead to live again even after this deadline.
This is done by simply amending a surviving bill.
By eliminating it's entire text, and substituting that of the deceased....voila the dead can live again.
One lawmaker says that the state lottery proposal pronounced dead some time ago is one that may yet live again.
Courtesy of that "legimatic" maneuver.