Airline Lighter Ban

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Say goodbye to your favorite lighter if you bring it on an airplane.
Today, lighters were banned from all domestic and international flights.
Just in case there were security aides at the front of concourses B and C today, alerting passengers of the change.
During the peak travel time, around 4:30 to 7:30 this morning, the Transportation Security Administration, or T-S-A, confiscated about a hundred lighters.
Those who didn't want to turn them in...had the option of mailing them back home.
Two weeks ago, the airport installed checkpoint mailers for just that purpose.
The cost is about eight dollars, depending on the item.
Some passengers think the ban, and for that matter the mail system, are ridiculous.
They say if the federal government wasn't singling out smokers...then why wasn't this act put in place RIGHT after September 11th.
For a listing of prohibited items on airplanes...just go to KOLO-TV-DOT-COM.
We've set up a link to the TSA's website...which shows what carry-on items you can bring, and what items need to be checked.