Land Lottery

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Imagine you own this lot near kings beach... Inside the Tahoe basin. It's where you want to build your dream home. But the reality is...your dream hinges on a lottery. That's Bruce Kuecker's reality, "So it's pretty frustrating if you own land and you want to proceed... You can't always do it."
Today Placer County officials drew for 45 new construction permits. There were a total of 87 applications. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency TRPA allocates the number of permits allotted. A nail biting process for Bruce Kuecker, who ended up a lottery loser. Kuecker say, "The TRPA through it's infinite wisdom is taking peoples property rights away and I can't do it."
For others there were cheers of joy. A permit in hand means dreams can move forward livelihoods maintained. The luck of the draw gave contractor James Roberts got his permits today. Still he understands the other side of luck.
Today one large developer had 50-applications in the pot... They only want 18-permits and say they'll give back any extras. So for those on the short list there's a glimmer of hope. But even for building inspector Bob Reiss the process is less than perfect. "The system is TRPA's system."
Because of the large number of applications from one single developer. This is the first time in thirteen years that Placer County has had to hold a lottery for available new construction permits.