Surviving Divorce

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Advocates of changing the law often tell anyone who will listen horror stories parents cutoff from the kids, but some also point to success stories where equal joint custody is working.
Families like Antonio Muro and Rachel Creeden. Antonio and Rachel divorced after 10 years of marriage and 4 kids. They've both remarried and share custody. Barbara, Noelle, Karina and Oliver spend alternating months at his house and hers. Some worry that's unsettling for kids. In this case, at least, it apparently isn't so.
The three girls, in fact, are getting A's in school and just finished one-two-three in a science fair. The ease they feel around both parents, and their new spouses is evident, but it wasn't easy getting there.
They reached this accord on their own and...of court can order such an outcome, but they would argue the current system ensures that custody is part of the often long battle that begins when 2 people file for divorce. Changing the law to make equal custody the presumed norm they say could change that.
The Judiciary Committee took 3 days of testimony on SB109, hearing from advocates and those who say it would be harmful to children and might promote domestic violence. Tomorrow morning the committee wil decide in work session whether to send it to the full Senate. If they haven't done that by Friday, the bill dies Its sponsor, Senator Maurice Washington, says he's confident it will make it to the Senate floor.