School Police Cuts in Clark County

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Schools in Clark County, Nevada, are facing the possibility of losing school police officers because of budget cuts.
Today at the state capitol, the Assembly government affairs committee looked at a possible solution.
Llocal administrators say, if it was a ripple effect...and Northern Nevada lost its school police force, it would be devastating.
Clark County had 73 guns confiscated from schools last year.
That's more than two guns a week.
The statistics aren't as startling in Washoe County...but, district officials say they've seen their share of problems with guns since 2000.
The chief of police says the 80-percent decrease over the past five years...has to do with more visibility on school campuses.
During the lunch hour, there's one school police officer and one patrol officer...walking the quad or driving around in the parking lot.
Students say their interaction with school just as important as any other educational tool.
They say lawmakers should consider, if students don't feel safe on campus, that would effect their education even more.