Big Changes Coming to CommRow

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Reno, NV - Standing right next to Reno's famous arch and boasting the world's tallest competition climbing wall, CommRow gets plenty of attention outside. But inside, it's pretty empty during the day. That's because most of it is closed.

"We're revamping the first floor," says Dean Hanson, general manager of CommRow.

The eating and entertainment venue opened last October. By December, most of the first floor was already under construction again. The general manager admits some of the original ideas didn't work.

"To be honest, CommRow opened a little early," says Hanson. "It opened before it was done and I feel like it wasn't there. It was a little complicated."

That's why they're reworking some of the bars inside. It used to be that each one specialized in a liquor. That idea is going away.

"The concepts of the bars were a little bit hard to understand. So what we're doing is we're focused on making it very user-friendly," says Hanson.

They're also bringing in a deli which will cater to the downtown lunch crowd. Crews are also boosting the sound system at Cargo, the stage on the third floor.

Right now, besides the outdoor climbing wall and inside climbing structure, most of the businesses inside CommRow are only open Wednesday through Saturday, starting at 4pm. On May 2, that will change.

"The place will be open seven days a week, it will have a great flow to it, so come, come and see us in May!" says Hanson.

In addition, officials at CommRow are pushing back the opening date of the hotel. It was supposed to open next month. That's now being delayed until next year.

"You know, we went up and we looked at the project that we had and we just weren't happy with it. It wasn't the first rate product we wanted to endorse. So what we've done is we've put the brakes on a little bit," says Hanson.