Spring Cleaning

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Reno mayor Bob Cashell has marked April 16th through the 23..for Reno's annual clean and green campaign. A time to clear away accumulated debris, but also a great time to check your house and yard for dangerous materials or unsafe conditions.
Inside check for things like frayed or damaged cords. Clear out papers and magazines. And also look for water leaks near any appliances. Outside, Make sure flamable liquids and chemicals are stored properly, kept out of reach of children and pets.

Dumpsters for household trash will be available on April 16 for Reno residences north of the Truckee River. Dumpster locations on will include:
* The east parking lot at McQueen High School, 6085 Lancer Court;
* The southeast parking lot at the North Valleys Sports Complex, 8085 Silver Lake Blvd;
* The parking lot north of Dick Taylor Park at the High Sierra Girls Fast-pitch Softball Academy, 1701 Valley Road;
* Panther Valley Park at 850 Link Lane;
* The parking lot below Lawlor Events Center at the University of Nevada, Reno, 1664 North Virginia St.
For more information on the Reno Clean & Green Campaign, call RenoDIRECT at (775) 334-2099.