Umpire Bill

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Violence in sports is getting the attention of the Nevada legislature.
Today, lawmakers looked at a bill that would increase the criminal penalty of people who attack sports officials during games.
Because more and more, we've seen in the news lately, sports officials verbally or physically assaulted by angry parents, players, or coaches.
Nevada lawmakers want to put a stop to the violence...before it turns deadly. Then, just last week...Texas police say the father of a high school football player shot and critically wounded the team's coach.
Detectives believe the man was upset over his son being banned from the team.
Local sports officials say it goes to show passion and sports can turn violent.
Chris Healy and Mark Caldwell are umpires for youth baseball in Northern Nevada.
They've seen their share of screaming and yelling at sporting events.
Several years back, Healy was even hit by a player over a call.
This year, some fans have been ejected from local high school baseball games...and not allowed on school grounds, for yelling obscenities at umpires, or for coming onto the field.

A few years ago, a Boston man was convicted of beating his son's hockey coach to death.
The two got into it...after the parent accused the coach of allowing rough play at practice.