Southeast Connector

John Phillips is president of the Herron's Landing Homeowners Association: He says the proposed southeast connector may not be threatening homes at this point, but that's no consulation.

" In fact, today we have 7 swans out there that is quite nice fort this area. But the, yes there is an aesthetic problem, noise problem and according to the connector its a stop and go street much like McCarran is. And its just another traffic issue from the standpoint of what they are trying to do."

Phillips says the roadway plan is flawed in many ways. Take a look at the wetland area the R-T-C is planning to build a road on, along with streams and other tributaries that work within the floodplain, and you've got a mountain of problems he says.

"There are a fair number of challenges with this project. Wetlands being one of them which ties into the Army Corp of Engineers which we have to work with and do the permitting process and get approval. That also ties into the Truckee River Flood Project which also the Army Corp of Engineers is involved in as well as well as the local group that oversees that project," says Garth Oksol RTC Project Manager.

Oksol concedes this won't be any easy road to build. But the R-T-C is willing to do what it takes to either avoid the wetlands all together or impact the area as little as possible. Oksol says under the "valley corridor" no homes will be demolished. We do know however, Rosewood Lakes Golf Course is on a collision course with the southeast connector. He says the project is a done deal, it's just a matter of when. Timing will depend upon permits and reports needed to break ground. Construction will take several years he says, but once complete the connector should take pressure off of U-S 395.