Getting The Boot

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Imagine coming out to your car, and finding it disabled by a tire "boot".
It's happening a lot in Reno these days.
The device is used to keep a car from moving, usually until an outstanding bill is paid.
But some residents around Reno are finding their cars booted, in their own apartment parking spaces.
So, who's putting the boots on cars.
The booting company is called Universal Parking enforcement.
They don't work for the DMV or RPD but employees apparently call themselves officers and demand 80 dollars to remove the boot.
We spoke with an apartment complex employee and she acknowledged that Universal comes through here to boot tenants for parking violations.
She says when tenants sign a lease they agree not to park in the wrong spot they also agree not to park a car with expired registration.
So that's why Willow Brook uses the company.
But they refuse to say if they paid for the services or if they get a cut of the booting charges.
We also contacted Universal Parking enforcement they have not returned our call.
One apartmentresident says he thinks its all a scam.
Dan Watkins says he got the boot for expired registration.
But the company told him he might get the boot again while he waits for his new stickers to arrive.
So he's hiding his car and parking somewhere else.