Bay Area Man Becomes Reno’s First Millionaire of the Year

Anthoney R. believes that if you don’t play you have no chance of winning.

That motto paid off for the lucky Bay Area man early Sunday (January 27, 2008) morning when he hit a $1,138,513 Wheel of Fortune® dollar MegaJackpot® at Silver Legacy Resort Casino. Anthoney is this year’s first MegaJackpot® millionaire in Reno.

The 27-year-old, new father had traveled to Reno with his wife and neighbors to celebrate his upcoming birthday. It was his first time visiting Silver Legacy to play Wheel of Fortune® when his luck struck.

“I am a big Wheel of Fortune® fan,” said the excited winner. “On our way to Reno, we were chanting Wheel of Fortune®.”

When the MegaJackpot® hit, Anthoney says that he was hoping to just break even. Although he had always dreamed of winning $1,000,000, he thought the machine had malfunctioned.

“I am a realist,” he said. “I had to call my friends and wife to come over to the machine.”

Anthoney started a sports apparel business last year and plans to pay off his house with his winnings.