Easy Targets

Vehicles Vandalized
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Specific neighborhoods in Northwest, Southwest and Downtown Reno are the target areas for a recent car break-in spree. Reno police say the most popular break-in times are Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and the following mornings.
The break-ins have been narrowed down to three distinct areas of Reno: The downtown area of third and fourth near Washington and Ralston Streets. Southwest Reno in the area of Holcomb, Humboldt, Taylor Streets, Patriot and Offenhauser drive is also a target. And the northwest neighborhoods between Mae Anne Avenue and Sharlands along with Summit Ridge and Sky Valley drives have seen an increase in car break-ins.
Police say the thief or thieves are exploiting a simple mistake by car owners Lt. Ron Donnelly, "Most of the burglarized cars had valuables in plain site, making for an easy target and quick get-away."
Whether it's your cds, cell phone or purse.... you can prevent the lure in your driveway by making sure those things are locked away.