Land Fight Bill

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Last July, The county offered to buy the property for 19-million dollars. Evans Creek Limited, which owns the land, says that wasn't fair market value. The company believes the ranch is worth between 120 and 680 million dollars. The companys attorney, Frank Thompson says "Evans Creek wasn't a willing seller. Washoe county knew this for 15 months. We wrote a letter revoking the seller status."
The issue has been tied up in the courts for a year now. Senate Bill 326 was tabled until Thursday afternoon. Both sides were there to testify before the judiciary committee. Washoe County officials say the condemnation lawsuit needs to be able to go forward...before a Senator steps in. Karen Mullin, Parks & Recreation Department, says she was surprised. The problem has broader impacts. But it seems it was specialized for the Ballardini Property.
Opponents disagree saying Senator Care's bill seeks to quote "Stop the abuse in Nevada of the government taking private property from private citizens."
Washoe County argues the Senator is ignoring the wishes of the public. 300 people showed up for that meeting last July, opposing development of the ranch.