Old Glory Revived

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Shortly after 9-11... A huge american flag anchored the hills high above Carson City. But the vinyl panels proved no match for vandals... or mother nature.
Mike Roach a chairman for the c-hill Foundation says" It lasted for a year but december of 2002... 100mph winds up here just tore it to shreds." But Roach and others wanted the flag back.One that would stand the test of time. So on this remote spot high above the capitol, accessible only by foot, they undertook a monumental task.
It' took people, horses, mules, and prison labor to move all the concrete.
Concrete and steel. Ten-thousand pounds of aluminum. A 65 by 120 foot framework...covered by 390 hand painted panels. Bill Miles is just one of the hundreds of volunteers...who've donated thousands of hours of time, expertise and money to complete the project.
Much of the back breaking work was done by inmate work crews from Stewart Camp. They've received high praise from all involved with sweat equity in a project they've taken as their own.
For all involved...this project is a symbol of pride in country and community. And a testament to patriotism. Mark Green helped put up the first flag, he says "This was a job that looked like it would never get done. And to see it this far... This is great. I put that first screw in today."
If you would like to follow the progress of the Carson City flag, we've put a link to the C-Hill foundation on our website. Look for the links icon.