Good News For Murder Victim's Family

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The family of a murder victim received some long awaited news Friday morning. Mohamed Kamalaudeen, also known as "Rickey Barge" was booked into the Washoe County Jail Thursday night, after an extradition from Mexico. Barge is the man accused of murdering UNR professor Judy Calder back in August.

Reno and Sparks Police Department Detectives met up with Barge Thursday night at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Detectives escorted Barge on a commercial flight back into Reno, before booking him into jail. He's being held without bail, on one count of murder.

It's been five months since professor Judy Calder mysteriously disappeared. After a week-long search, Calder's body was discovered in an Elko County field.

Detectives later pulled the pieces of her murder together, and were able to pinpoint a key suspect. 50-year-old Rickey Barge, a friend and business partner of the murdered professor, is accused of stabbing her to death at his local business.

Police say shortly after the murder, Barge fled to Mexico City, but was detained on arrival. Since then, police and Calder's beloved husband, Jim Calder, have been awaiting his extradition.

"It's good to have him back. It brings a little closure for us. We don't want someone like that to escape. We want him to come back and answer for what he's done," said Lieutenant Bob McDonald of the Reno Police Department.

Washoe County District Attorneys worked with federal agents to bring Barge back to the United States, but they expected the process to take months, even years. McDonald says he feels detectives have a strong case against Barge. Although Barge will not face the death penalty, due to a Mexico-U.S. extradition treaty, he will be processed through the justice system.

"This is a great accomplishment. The cooperation between federal agencies and our agency was extraordinary."

McDonald says detectives questioned Barge well into the early hours of the morning, giving them more clues and witnesses to investigate, regarding the murder. He says Barge probably faced some uncomfortable circumstances while he was detained in Mexico city. Now back in the U.S., Barge implicated himself in the murder of Judy Calder, seemingly ready to start the legal proceedings.

"He seemed to be very cooperative and relaxed. I think he was pleased to be back in the U.S. He seemed to have lost a lot of weight while he was gone."

To be clear, an implication is not a confession. It just means that Barge told police he was somehow involved with the case.

Barge's arraignment in court is set for Monday morning. He'll have a chance at that point to make his plea, either guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

Judy's husband, Jim Calder says he was pleasantly surprised at how quick the process was, and also very appreciative of all the hard work from the agencies involved.

Now that Barge is back, Calder says he wants justice served, but most importantly, to get the whole thing over with. He says he's praying for a quick and speedy trial.