Wind-Whipped Fire Destroys Highlands Home

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An early evening fire Sunday in the Virginia foothills area of south Reno damaged most of a house and killed a pet.
Sadly, fire officials say this blaze explains may have been easily prevented.
Firefighters responded a little after 5 o'clock when the resident noticed a small fire outside her kitchen window.
Neighbors say it didn't take long for that small blaze to spread quickly into the home.
"There was an extreme amount of smoke blowing into our house, one neighbor said. "So, I run up the street and saw the flames starting to emerge from her garage. And that was prior to the time the fire department was just arriving."
Fire officials say the fire began in the backyard near hay and other dry materials.
Fire marshal Bill Burney said it was a screened area for a rabbit that had a heat lamp plugged inside, an extension cord that went inside the house. " With the wind conditions that we had, we had fire, smoke that ascended into the garage," Burney added
"The wind just created terrible flames from the garage, you could hear explosions inside. At one time the flames were much higher than the house."
But, fire officials say with the strong wind conditions in the area, extra precautions need to be taken.