104 And Spirited

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A local woman has lived long enough to see nine popes for the Catholic Church and today she celebrates her 104th birthday.
Marguerite DeWard has lived in the Reno area for the past 50 years, and she says her time here has been well spent.
Marguerite was born on this day 104 years ago, years she says came with her fair share of good and bad memories.
But, looking back, this spunky woman says she appreciates every day as much as the last.
As Marguerite puts it, "I think it's up to you, what you want to make it. You know what I mean. If you want to be ugly and unhappy and pick on people, that won't bring you happiness."
She will talk politics with you, but she's tight lipped when it comes to her belief
She says she remembers when Reno was really in the middle on nowhere when she moved here about 50 years ago.
"Oh, it's changed completely," Marguerite says, "It's a city. You know what I mean, it's beautiful."
DeWerd grew up in South Dakota, one of the eight children of her German born parents.
She went on to marry her sweetheart, but she says she's still on the look-out for another love... If he's out there.