Allergy Season is Here

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Are your eyes starting to tear up, or is your nose a little runny lately?
Allergy season is here.
Pharmacists have seen a run on medicine...when we had those warm temperatures last week.
It's gotten quite a bit the pollen count has dropped considerably.
But, doctors say it's going to pick up in April...and be probably the strongest in June.
They recommend allergy sufferers keep their windows and doors shut at all times...and turn on the air conditioning if you have it.
Same goes for your car while driving.
Also, it's a good idea to wash your hair more often during allergy season.
Pollen can get into the eyes, nose, and hair...causing allergy sufferers to tear up and scratch.
These are the most common symptoms of allergies.
Doctors say allergy medicine can work for some...but also can cause more serious reactions IF you have other health conditions.
Best, talk to your physician before taking anything over the counter.