Local Company Fingers Breakthrough

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For decades, we've identified people through fingerprints...or discovered a health condition by drawing blood.
What if doctors never had to prick a finger again...or your identity could be known through your bone structure?
Inside a tiny laboratory, no bigger than someone's bedroom, workers at Pindi Products are on the brink of something special. The imaging technology is called R-M-M, or radiomolecular magnetics. It works much like a dental record. It also chemically analyzes the blood. Through this process, diabetics can monitor their own blood sugar...without ever having to prick themselves. Or, the machine can detect hormones in your blood.
The device can even be used for Homeland Security purposes. The Transportation Security Administration wants to use biometric technology...at ALL the nation's airports for its employees. If you're NOT in the system, you can't get clearance. This would apply for highly restricted areas, like cargo or maintenance, where terrorists may be plotting an attack.
Workers would like to run some tests on the system. If you'd like to help, the company wILL pay you. Call 972-6900 for more information.